Technical Documents

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Spec Sheets, Brochures, and Quote Forms

Life Safety Brands Product Fact Sheets

DefendDoor Fact Sheet

Trust Shield Fact Sheet

Safe Shot Fact Sheet

Sound Safe Fact Sheet

Wind Storm Fact Sheet

Therma Hold Fact Sheet

Technical Manuals



Flat Astragal

Lead Lined

Z Astragal

Core Types

Door Core Types

Steel Stiffened Doors

Door Construction

3 Sided Door Construction

4 Sided Door Construction


Door Edge Weld Options

Door Skin Types

Hinge Lock Rail Detail

Lead Lined Door Construction

Standard Top and Bottom End Channels

Top Flush Channel

Door Reinforcements

4 7 8 ASA Strike Reinforcement

Closer Reinforcement

Concealed Vertical Rod Reinforcements

Continuous Hinge Edge Reinforcement for Full Mortise

Continuous Hinge Face Reinforcement for Full Surface

Electric Power Transfer EPT Door Reinforcement

Exit Device Hardware Reinforcements

Flush Bolt Guide Plate for Top and Bottom of Door

Flush bolt Lock Edge Reinforcement

Galvanneal 161 Lock Box Reinforcement

Hinge Reinforcement

Mortise Lock Internal and Lock Edge Reinforcement

Pivot Door Reinforcement Assembly

Pivot Door Reinforcement Detail

Stainless 161 Lock Box Reinforcement

Surface Vertical Rod Reinforcement

Window Louver Reinforcement

Special Doors

Dutch Door Shelf

External H Channel for Large Doors

Internal H Channel for Large Doors

Monorail Door

Panel Door Types

Ship Lap

STC Door



Floor Anchors

Adjustable Floor Anchors

Drywall Floor Anchors

Floor Anchors

Wall Anchors

Anchor OverView

Compression Anchor

Masonary T Anchor

Metal Stud Anchors

Punch and Dimple Anchors

Universal Anchors

Wire Anchors

Wood Strap Anchors

Corner Construction

Continous Weld Corner

Face Weld Corner

Fire Rated Face Weld Corner

Knock Down Drywall Corner

Variable Head Jamb Faces Corner

Frame Reinforcements

2 3 4 Strike and Reinforcement

4 7 8 ASA Reinforcement

Auto Flush Bolt Reinforcement

Continuous Hinge Face

Continuous Hinge Rabbet

Electric Power Transfer

Electric Power Transfew

Frame Reinforcement Cover Page

Galvanneal Closer Reinforcement

Galvanneal Single Double Acting Door Reinforcement

High Frequency Hinge Reinforcement


Hinge Shims

Manual Reversible Flush Bolt

Mortar Box

Pivot Reinforcement

Stainless Closer Reinforcement

Stainless Single Double Acting Door Reinforcement

Stainless Steel Dust Cover

Surface Mounted Strike Reinforcement

General Frame Information

Frame General Information

Hospital Stops



General Profile Guide

Knock Down Mullion Mounting Brackets and Assembly

Mullion Anchor

Removable Mullion Bracket and Assembly

Removable Panel Bracket and Assembly

Profile Nomenclature

Standard Profile Nomenclature

Standard Profile Types

Rough Opening Calculations

Drywall Rough Opening Calculation

Masonry Rough Opening Calculation


Full Profile Spat

Partial Profile Spat

Special Frames

Arch Frames

Communicating Frame

Corner Post Mullion

Curved Borrowed Lite with Mullion

Double Egress Frames

Double Pocket Door Frame

Kerf Frame

Lead Lined Frame

Shadow Wall

Sidelite Frames

Single Pocket Door Frame

Slope Profiles

Split Adjustable Frame

STC Frame

Transom Frame

Transom Sidelite

Customer Resources


Single Door Order Form

Multi-Door Order Form


Multi-Frame Order Form

Single / Double Frame Order Form

Double Egress Frame Order Form

Warranty Letter

Fire & Hurricane Labels Chart


NCHM Brochure

Detailed Spec Sheets


3-Sided Polycore & Honeycomb

3-Sided Detail

4-Sided Honeycomb

4-Sided Detail

4-7/8 ASA Strike

Stainless Steel Door Concealed Panic Prep

Flush Bolt Guide Plate Reinforcement

Lock Edge Flush Bolt

Door Hinge Reinforcement (Optional Electric Hinge Hole)

Stainless Steel Doors: Window & Louver Reinforcement

Mortise Lock Body and Edge Reinforcements

Stainless Mortise Panic Preparation

Door Top, Bottom and Intermediate Pivot Detail

Door Surface Closer / Holder

Stainless Steel Surface Panic / Rim Exit Reinforcement / Concealed Vertical Rod Reinforcement

Galvanneal Cylinder Lock Reinforcements

Typical Door Cross Section: Lock and Hinge Rail

General Door Top, Bottom and Intermediate Pivot

Stainless Cylinder Lock Reinforcements

Typical Door Cross Section: Top and Bottom End Channel

Typical Door Cross Section: Flush Channel


CF Rough Opening


Flat Astragal Detail

Z Astragal Detail

NCHM 1300 Series Spat

NCHM 1100 Secure Series Self Attaching Lite Kit

NCHM 1000 Series Inactive Z Astragal

Integral Glass Kit