Pocket & Arched Door Frames

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  • Available in Both Galvanneal and Stainless Steel

Pocket doors can solve many room planning problems by saving valuable floor and wall space. Our pocket door
frames are a solution that “fits right in” for many applications any place where floor space is valuable. NCHM pocket door frames are clean, elegant, modern and easy to operate.

Pocket Door Frame with Attached Pocket:

The attached pocket comes as a welded option and is a pre-constructed pocket for the pocket door to slide into. Pocket door frames are also available in KD version. Save time by just lifting this pocket door frame in place instead of having to build a wood pocket in the wall.

Arched Frames:


Custom profile arched hollow metal frames are manufactured from stretch-formed prime quality A60 Galvanneal steel.

Arched Frames - Windows

At door openings, we mortise and/or reinforce the frames for the specified hardware. Drilling and tapping for surface-applied hardware is done in the field by the hardware installer. We provide a minimum of three (3) anchors per jamb of the type to suit wall conditions and job requirements. We provide floor and mullion anchors as required. All joints of the frame are welded and ground smooth at the face of the members. We apply one coat of rust-inhibiting prime paint after fabrication to galvanized frames.

Removable glass stops to match the curvature of the frame are factory pre-fit for the glass thickness required in all areas where glass is to be field-installed.

Factory pre-fit arched doors are also available to match curvature of frame.