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Therma Hold Doors And Frames Hold The Line!

Winter weather is always a serious issue for many businesses, and we’ve experienced record-breaking cold snaps in recent years. America’s “sun belt” region has long been known for having a mild temperate climate, but you can count on having multiple ice storms every winter. America’s southwest and west coast have a very arid desert climate, but they too have shown us that no place is safe from freezing temperatures. That’s where we come in!

For over four decades, National Custom Hollow Metal has been the USA’s top manufacturer of custom-built stainless steel doors and frames. At NCHM, The Difference is Quality, and we’re proud to now offer Therma Hold Doors And Frames, which can help you hold the line! Our thermal break frames are primarily utilized in exterior masonry openings found in all types of wall construction, and specified for many different varieties of commercial buildings. Therma Hold doors and frames prevent cold transfer from outside to the inside when you’re looking to improve efficiency and comfort and prevent condensation and frost.

Therma Hold doors and frames have a 2-part frame applied to our thermal gasketing and secured every 12” with #8 sheet metal screws. This construction helps to separate both sides of the frame jamb and header along the stop, creating a barrier that prevents temperature transfer from outside to inside. You have your choice of a 3-sided door frame or 4-sided single lite window frame with a 3’0” x 7’0” single frame or 7’0” x 7’0” standard – standard pair frame configuration.

When partnered with NGP thermal thresholds, seals, and sweeps, our Therma Hold door core and thermal break frame will reduce your overall U value and help you decrease your yearly commercial building energy costs. Like all of our doors, our Therma Hold doors and frames are corrosion-resistant and practically maintenance-free.

All orders for Therma Hold doors and frames include Quik Ship delivery, and we offer expedited shipping options for rush jobs. Let us know when you need your doors and frames delivered to the job site, and we’re always happy to meet your just-in-time shipping needs!

contact us online or at 800-334-3070 for a quote.

TrustShield Lead-Lined Doors and Frames Keep Nuclear Medicine Safe!

Even though prolonged exposure to radiation is harmful to humans, X-Rays, CT Scans, and MRIs provide useful diagnostic information to physicians in a noninvasive format that justifies the risk for a short period of time. Radiation therapy is another highly effective weapon against cancer and other invasive health problems. Patients are only exposed to radiation for short periods of time, but the technicians who perform the procedures are particularly susceptible to some serious health problems if they don’t have a safe place to work.

DefendDoor Stainless Steel Doors Are Built to Last!

National Custom Hollow Metal has been manufacturing premium stainless steel doors and frames right here in the USA for over four decades, and The Difference is Quality. We don’t mass produce doors in an overseas factory and ship them in a stack of containers. Every product that we manufacture is subjected to multi-point inspection before shipping, and we take pride in our commitment to craftsmanship. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your order is perfect, and built to meet your exact specifications. We also offer quotes in two hours or less, and expedited shipping options to deliver directly to your jobsite.

Pocket Doors Are A Great Way To Create Flexible Spaces

Pocket doors are a great way to get maximum “bang for your buck” at a multiple use facility or event center, because they allow the venue to subdivide a larger space and book multiple events concurrently. But it doesn’t stop there! Pocket doors can also be used to close off overflow seating areas at a restaurant during off-peak hours or to close off a storefront in a mall or shopping center. They can be configured to operate as either single or double doors, and you don’t have to worry about clearance for opening and closing like standard hinged doors. The doors open and close along a horizontal track and tuck away out of sight into a recessed “pocket” built into the wall. With retail and commercial space at an all-time high, it’s easy to understand the value of using every square inch of available sales floor. Pocket door frames are available KD but if you’d like to include the inner wall track they must be welded in our factory.

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