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NCHM Manufactures Box Doors Built to Your Exact Specifications!

Whether you’re constructing a new healthcare facility or a commercial food service building, custom-built box doors are essential to maintaining a sterile environment. National Custom Hollow Metal builds all stainless steel doors and frames to order, and we can give you a free quote for box doors in two hours or less! We don’t mass produce products and store them for months in a warehouse, and all of our products are manufactured right here in the USA by the most skilled and highly trained professionals in the industry.

Kerf frames will help you lower your heating and cooling costs!

The fixed costs of operating a business continue to increase each year, and energy costs are no exception. The only way to lower your energy costs is to reduce your consumption, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your employees’ comfort! You’ll want to ensure that your HVAC system is performing at maximum efficiency and find other ways to tighten your belt. A zoned comfort system is a good option for a large office campus, and proximity lighting makes a small but noticeable difference. The final step is reducing energy waste. You can save up to 10% on energy costs by installing weather stripping around your windows and doors!

STC Doors are your ticket to a quiet workplace!

If your office is located in an urban environment, you might believe that dealing with noise pollution is just “the cost of doing business.” People who work outdoors or in a busy commercial area learn how to tune out all of the noise over time, but sometimes “silence is golden” in the workplace.

NCHM Manufactures Ballistic Doors to Keep People Safe!

Despite our best efforts to prevent it, gun violence is rampant worldwide. It’s not just an American problem or a problem limited to certain parts of our cities. No business, school, or government office is ever truly immune from the risk of a violent ambush. The only thing we can do is create emergency preparedness policies and pray that they’re effective when the time comes. Is there anything more we can do to protect our employees and customers?

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