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It’s a dangerous world, and Safe Shot Ballistic doors offer superior protection!

It’s a little terrifying to turn on the news today when the headlines are filled with stories of violence throughout the world. Violence is no longer limited to war-torn countries or run-down neighborhoods, and there’s no such thing as a truly “safe” community. But violent criminals are no match for vigilant citizens, and our team at National Custom Hollow Metal is ready to help you keep schools, workplaces, and government offices protected from the threat of gun violence. We proudly offer custom-built Safe Shot UL 752 Level 3 Ballistic Doors and Frames to order, and they’re capable of stopping a .44 magnum round!

Contact us for a same-day quote for custom-built DefendDoor stainless steel doors and frames!

At National Custom Hollow Metal, The Difference is Quality! We’ve been manufacturing premium quality stainless steel doors and frames in the USA for five decades, and every product we ship is custom-built to your specifications! We offer industry-leading turnaround times on all orders and love partnering with distributors running just-in-time operations. We’ve recently made several new upgrades to our plant to expand our capabilities and offer several great product lines. DefendDoor stainless steel doors and frames have been our top-selling product line since day one, and we can give you a quote in two hours or less!

Therma Hold Frames hold the line and help companies manage energy costs!

Energy costs are constantly on the rise, and companies everywhere are at the mercy of utility providers that routinely raise rates as they see fit. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing any vital operations or the comfort of the people working inside! National Custom Hollow Metal is proud to offer custom-built Therma Hold Doors and Frames that help hold the line by preventing cold transfer from outside to the inside, and we can give you a quote in two hours or less.

Kerf frames are a powerful ally in the battle against rising energy costs!

Most businesses operate with razor-thin profit margins and keep a close eye on their operational budgets at all times. Small “mom-and-pop shops” are often only a few bad months away from closing their doors for good, and large companies can easily get overextended as their operations expand. To make matters worse, utility providers operate legally sanctioned monopolies with the authority to raise rates as they see fit. The good news is that our team at National Custom Hollow Metal proudly manufactures custom-built two-part kerf frames that can help you lower your energy costs, and we can give you a quote in two hours or less!

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