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NCHM offers Safe Shot Level 3 Ballistic Doors and Frames built to order!

For the past year, the news has been full of stories about the Covid pandemic, and we all owe it to ourselves to stay current with all the regulations and recommendations. Unfortunately, airborne diseases are just one threat for us to consider as managers and business owners. People are frustrated and people are angry all around the world, and most people cope by venting on social media or by being distracted by other activities that they enjoy. But every now and then, some people respond by planning and carrying out a violent ambush. None of their victims ever see it coming, and it makes us all wonder how we would handle ourselves if tragedy strikes.

TrustShield offers premium radiation confinement at value pricing!

Since the Covid Pandemic, everyone has paid a lot more attention to cleanliness and the spread of airborne pathogens. But in the healthcare industry, rigorous standards for cleanliness and sanitation have always been standard. And since most hospitals and clinics use some form of nuclear medicine, their facilities also need to have the infrastructure that they need to keep their patients and workers secure. That’s where our team at National Custom Hollow Metal comes in!

Interested in maximizing the size of your sales floor? NCHM offers custom built pocket doors!

Many experts have said that the Covid pandemic has virtually killed brick and mortar retail operations, and that thousands of boutique stores around the world are mere months away from closing their doors for good. But we have seen a lot of signs that business is picking up, and we’re all beginning to adjust to the new normal. But if a business is still operating in a conventional shopping center, it is absolutely crucial that it be able to use every square foot of available space during business hours.

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