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Contact us today for a free quote on TrustShield Lead-Lined Doors and Frames!

National Custom Hollow Metal is proud to offer custom-built TrustShield doors and frames built to your specifications, and we can give you a quote in two hours or less! X-Rays, CT Scans, and MRIs have revolutionized the medical profession, and they enable doctors to make diagnoses and perform procedures without invasive surgery. Patients are only exposed to radiation for short periods of time during each procedure, but it’s important to protect all the doctors and technicians who use the machines on a daily basis.

Contact NHCM For a Quote on DefendDoor Stainless Steel Doors in Two Hours or Less!

The DefendDoor line of custom-built stainless steel doors and frames from National Custom Hollow Metal continue to be our top seller for many great reasons. At NCHM The Difference is Quality, and you can always count on precision craftsmanship and doors that are built to last. They’re also built to order! We don’t mass-produce doors and let them sit stacked on pallets in a warehouse. When you call us for a custom quote on DefendDoor products, you can also receive a custom quote in two hours or less!

NCHM Manufactures Custom Box Doors for Sterile Environments!

Heightened cleanliness standards have been implemented throughout the world in response to our global health crisis. But it’s business as usual for the commercial food service industry and the healthcare industry. Bacteria and microorganisms are abundant in the air that we breathe, and they land on all of the surfaces where we prepare food and medical specimens. It’s always crucial for all of those surfaces to be properly sanitized and sterilized beforehand. It’s equally important to eliminate common hiding spaces for bacteria, such as the spaces around and underneath doors. Most cleaning and sterilization procedures involve a thorough cleaning of all surfaces, floors, and walls, but the top, bottom, and sides of the doors are more challenging.

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