National Custom Hollow Metal

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Staying abreast of key trends and making face-to-face connections is vital in any industry. With four decades in the business, National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (NCHM) understands this, and will be attending the Door and Hardware Institute’s (DHI) convention again this year.

“We get direct feedback from our industry partners and current and potential customers on what market demands need to be met and what pain points exist in the industry that we should try to limit or eliminate,” Vice President Shea Mathews said. “This direct feedback allows us to act quickly on the information because it is provided firsthand.”

NCHM is a 2014 Dallas DHI Conextions Exhibitor. Come see us!

NCHM will exhibit at the show in Dallas June 26-27. We encourage current customers and distributors looking for the best among hollow metal door manufacturers to come and see for themselves why our products are second to none.

The “CoNEXTions 2014: REdesigned, REimagined, REformatted” convention strengthens our focus on meeting the needs of the growing custom hollow metal doors and frames market. We have exhibited at the show for more than 25 years.

“It is a great avenue to connect with a multitude of our customers, get face to face with them, and say thank you for the partnerships we share,” Mathews said. “It also provides us an avenue to communicate our key market contributions to the industry.”

Distributors will learn how they can benefit from NCHM’s short lead times. We also will exhibit some of our most popular products, including DefendDoor stainless steel doors and frames and TrustShield lead lined doors and frames. (Both brands offer fire rated doors and frames.)

For the first time, NCHM will display a TrustShield lead lined door from the inside out, a DefendDoor stainless steel arched top frame, and a door with seamless edges and custom lite kits. We will also offer our hollow metal drawing templates, which have become a distributor “must-have.”

Call us at 1-800-334-3070, or contact us here for more information.