National Custom Hollow Metal

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Delivering the difference.

We at National Custom Hollow Metal see our task as more than delivering top-quality, stainless steel doors and frames.We strive to understand our clients’ projects and deliver solutions tailored to their unique needs.

We seek to build relationships with our clients before the project begins, so we know their needs well before the pen hits the paper, and we maintain those relationships long after the final payment is received. To us, service means becoming a vital part of our clients’ projects and helping them through open doors.

Stainless Steel Doors

Our DEFENDDOOR stainless steel hollow metal doors are manufactured with face sheets of 16 or 14 gauge type 304 or 316 in typical No. 3, 4 (satin) or 2b mill finishes.

ssdoors2-150x145 Each DEFENDDOOR is internally reinforced with continuous 16 gauge stainless steel channels which span the entire height of the door on both the hinge and lock stiles and across the top and the bottom. Each door is finished with two-, three-, or four-sided seamless welds depending upon engineering specifications. The welds are then hand ground and polished to a smooth finish.

NCHM’s stainless steel DEFENDDOORS are available in standard sizes as well as custom sizes up to 4’10¼” width and 12’0″ height. Warnock Hersey fire-rated doors with 20 minute, 3/4 hour, 1-1/2 hour and 3 hour rating are available with honeycomb cores up to a maximum size of 4’0″ width and 8’0″ height single door, or 6’8″ width, 8’0″ height pair of doors.


DEFENDDOORS are mortised and reinforced for hardware. Mortised reinforcements are drilled and tapped at the factory. Reinforcements for surface applied hardware are drilled and tapped in the field by the contractor. All reinforcing components are fabricated from stainless steel.


Polystyrene, honeycomb and vertically stiffened cores are available. Polystyrene cores are laminated to the inside face sheets to fill the inside of the door. Fire-labeled doors have honeycomb cores permanently bonded to the inside face sheets. Vertically stiffened doors are constructed with an insulated core (not shown) permanently bonded to the stiffeners and the face sheets.



Stainless Steel Door Frames

ssframes2-150x150NCHM’s DEFENDDOOR stainless steel hollow metal frames are manufactured with 16, 14, or 12 gauge type 304 or 316 in typical No. 3, 4 (satin) or 2b mill finishes. Each frame-profile is formed on a brake press for added strength and stability. The head and jamb sections may be assembled with a tab-and-slot arrangement to ensure accurate alignment of the corner miters. The face of each frame is continuously welded and hand polished to match the original exterior stainless steel surface.

DEFENDDOOR stainless steel frames are furnished with a minimum of six proper anchors of manufacturer’s standard design as required by wall conditions. Frames have sill anchors welded to the bottom of all jambs for attachment to the finished floor. KD Compression Anchor Frames are available upon request.

If you can dream it, NCHM can craft it.
DEFENDDOOR stainless steel frames are available as standard and custom openings, borrowed lights, side lights and transom frames.