National Custom Hollow Metal

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In construction, where the unexpected is as routine as 5 ‘o clock, uphill battles with delayed shipments are just another day at the office, and antacids are ordered by the truckload, there’s a big difference between waiting on a rush delivery and a rush delivery on your jobsite waiting on you. When it’s custom hollow metal doors you’re talking about, that’s the difference between National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (NCHM) and, well, everyone else.

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In settings where protection from gamma ray or x-ray radiation is necessary, doorways have to serve a twofold purpose. They have to act as a barrier to radiation while providing access ways for personnel. And they have to be constructed in a way that ensures reliable protection and function for years on end.

When the specifications call for lead lined doors and frames, when people whose health and lives depend on appropriate radiation shielding built with uncompromising quality, the name to trust is TrustShield.

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