National Custom Hollow Metal

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In construction, where the unexpected is as routine as 5 ‘o clock, uphill battles with delayed shipments are just another day at the office, and antacids are ordered by the truckload, there’s a big difference between waiting on a rush delivery and a rush delivery on your jobsite waiting on you. When it’s custom hollow metal doors you’re talking about, that’s the difference between National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (NCHM) and, well, everyone else.

Do an Internet search for metal door manufacturers in the USA and there’s a reason why we show up at or near the very top of the page. Because we deliver quality, and we deliver it fast. Our lead times are the shortest in the industry, from order to completion is just 10 days and as little as 1 day, depending on your galvanneal product order (for full shipping option details, click here).

It’s called Quik Ship, and to get that kind of service all you have to do is place an order for Galvanneal, stainless steel, or lead-lined doors with NCHM. We’ll do the rest.

If you need them sooner, ask for NCHM’s Hot Rush service. Then, if you’ll give us a week or less, we’ll have your doors and frames ready and on their way. And yes, we said a week or less, not a week or two. You’ll need to call someone else if you need fast service that slow.

Now, if you’ve really got a need for speed, request our Walk Thru service and savor the smell of burning rubber. We’ll have your order moving down the line before you can get off the phone, and we’ll have ready within ONE DAY. Nobody does it faster. Nobody.

Along with fast delivery NCHM also produces the industry leading DefendDoor stainless steel doors and frames, and TrustShield, the top name in radiation blocking, lead-lined doors and frames. Whatever speed you choose, you get the same top quality we build into all of our products, only faster.

Call NCHM today toll free at 800-334-3070 or contact us online. No matter how much time you have to wait, or if you have no time at all, you get the best built hollow metal doors and frames made, and that goes for any speed.