National Custom Hollow Metal

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In settings where protection from gamma ray or x-ray radiation is necessary, doorways have to serve a twofold purpose. They have to act as a barrier to radiation while providing access ways for personnel. And they have to be constructed in a way that ensures reliable protection and function for years on end.

When the specifications call for lead lined doors and frames, when people whose health and lives depend on appropriate radiation shielding built with uncompromising quality, the name to trust is TrustShield.

TrustShield custom steel doors and frames from National Custom Hollow Metal (NCHM) are designed to provide maximum protection while functioning like a precision made component, which is exactly what they are. Constructed of Galvanneal or stainless steel, TrustShield doors and frames utilize a continuous sheet of lead of the same thickness as the lead in adjacent walls that covers the full width and height of the component seamlessly. For strength and stability, the top and bottom channels are welded into place.

For additional strength, the cavity may be reinforced with steel stiffeners. For energy efficiency, insulation made up of high density polystyrene can be added. To ensure smooth and precise operation, the top and intermediate pivots are precision-aligned, then drilled and tapped during manufacture, with final adjustment to the bottom pivot made during installation by the contractor.

Built in standard sizes up to 5 x 8 feet high and custom sizes up to 5 x 12 feet, TrustShield doors have a continuous sheet of lead lining the inner surface to a thickness of 1/16” in the larger sizes and 1/8” in standard sizes. Additionally, larger doors are reinforced along the perimeter by a continuous 14-gauge channel welded into place.

TrustShield door frame construction includes 1/8” thickness of lead lining in standard sized frames, 1/16” in larger custom frames, with 1/4” lining available as an option. Also optional are window cutout and frame kits providing visibility up to 100 square inches.

People trust their lives to the contractors who trust you to make high quality building materials available. When the specs call for radiation shielding, you can trust NCHM and TrustShield lead-lined doors and frames to deliver the quality difference.

NCHM has the shortest lead times in the industry (as little as 1 day if necessary), so call today at 800-334-3070 or contact us online with the specifications you need, tell us when it has to be there, and we’ll will handle the rest.