National Custom Hollow Metal

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It’s no small thing to be included as a case study for the door and hardware industry, so National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames is proud to be included in the November 2015 issue of the industry trade publication, Doors & Hardware. The inclusion of NCHM came about due to an innovative collaboration between NCHM and the Door Division of Pyramid Interiors to design special purpose doors for Start Co. of Memphis, an entrepreneurial facilitator headquartered in Downtown Memphis, TN.

Founder and CEO Eric Mathews, wanted to design a space to bring old and new together in a way that blends form and function into a beautiful, accommodating space where visionaries, entrepreneurs, and investors can come together for the business of designing tomorrow.

For that purpose, standard hollow metal doors just would not do.

To accommodate Eric’s vision, barn-door style sliding doors with full-length glass inserts, rail-mounted and fully visible along the track were designed and produced here at NCHM. Made of highly polished, 16 gauge, #304 stainless steel with stainless steel glass light kits, and ¼-inch clear tempered glass inserts, each door weighed in at approximately 250 pounds. For obvious reasons, this presented a real challenge.

That challenge was met with the inclusion of Hagar 9710 sliding door hardware, which provided for strength, durability, and ease of installation. Additional support was achieved through the installation of two-by-ten headers inside the wall cavity and cased open stainless steel frames were added to provide a finished look to the overall design.

The result was an eye-catching and attractive custom look of the type that NCHM specializes in.

At NCHM, we pride ourselves on innovation, quality, and the manufacture of some of the most beautiful metal doors and frames available. Whether you need a door that blends into its surroundings or one that provides a centerpiece for your space, NCHM has the knowledge, the experience, and the engineering capability to make that happen.

At NCHM, we don’t just make doors and frames, we make statements. Every great performance starts with a great entrance. Call NCHM today at 800-334-3070 or contact us online and let’s get started.