National Custom Hollow Metal

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X-Rays are a form of ionizing radiation, meaning as the rays pass through matter in sufficient quantity, they disrupt the molecular orbit of electrons to form ions, a process that expends the energy of the x-ray while the ions formed break off from the molecules and collide with more electrons, which creates more ions.

In humans and animals, this process can become an uncontrolled chain reaction with excessive or continued exposure, so nuclear medicine personnel must be shielded from radiation exposure, or face catastrophic health consequences.

Lead molecules are densely packed with highly charged, positive electrons that resist ionization, instead transforming radiation energy into heat, which is then dissipated harmlessly. A lead sheet of just .25 mm thickness (1/64 inch) is sufficient to block X-rays of standard intensity from passing through.

This property, combined with wide availability and low cost, makes lead the preferred choice of material to protect personnel from exposure to X-ray radiation.

At National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (NCHM), our TrustShield lead lined doors are lined with lead sheeting ranging from .80 to 3.75 mm thickness (1/32 to 1/8 inch) to provide coverage the entire height and width of the door and our frames contain a 1.58 mm (1/16 inch) lead barrier adhered to the inside dimensions of the frame. Doors and frames are available in custom sizes and thicknesses with mounting hardware engineered for durability (full details here) and are available with Warnock Hersey 1-1/2 hour fire rating labeling.

For the best in lead lined doors and frames, NCHM is the industry leader, and because our doors and frames are engineered and manufactured in the USA, we can fill your order fast, in as little as 3 days for frames and 5 days for doors when you request our Hot Rush expedited service.

For superior protection of TrustShield lead lined doors and frames, call NCHM at 800-334-3070 or click here to contact us through this website.