National Custom Hollow Metal

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For over 40 years, the distributors that have relied on National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames know we create the best fire rated doors and frames in the nation.

But perhaps you want to know more about what goes into making doors and frames. More about what makes us stand out among the rest. We like our clients to be on the up and up, so let’s take you through the process of creating our industry-leading doors, and what makes them so ideal to accommodate your clients.

Let’s take our own best selling brand of DefendDoor Stainless Steel Doors as an example:

Door Manufacturing 101: The Process

1 Our DefendDoor line of stainless steel doors are reinforced with repeated 14 gauge stainless steel channels. They span the entire height of the door on both the hinge and lock stiles and across the top and to the bottom. Depending on your specific needs, the door can be completed with either two, three, or four-sided seamless welds. The welds will then be grounded by hand and smoothed out giving your door that polished look.

2 Our doors are mortised and reinforced for hardware. These interlocking reinforcements are drilled and tapped at our factory (any reinforced surface applied hardware will need to be drilled and tapped by a contractor in the field).

3 Our doors come in three available core models to choose from: polystyrene (laminated to the face sheets to provide complete surface support and resistance to impact), honeycomb (fire-labeled and enhances structural integrity) and vertically stiffened (heavy duty and permanently bonded to the face sheets and stiffeners).

If you want the most reliable hollow metal door manufacturer, call 800-334-3070 or contact us online.