National Custom Hollow Metal

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We recently discussed a bit of the science behind radiation shielding – crucial knowledge that lead lined door manufacturers must be familiar with to provide safe, reliable products. So we figured the topic deserved revisiting, particularly to provide more information about how we provide superior radiation protection.

At National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (NCHM), a crucial factor setting us apart as a leader in our industry is the quality of our products. Choosing us is a no-brainer for professionals requiring standard or custom lead lined door frames and doors for their projects.

Projects typically requiring radiation shielding products include construction or renovation of hospitals, medical centers, pharmaceutical facilities, research laboratories, educational facilities, and more. Needless to say, we take our job as a lead lined door manufacturer very seriously – because people depend on our products every day to protect them from harmful radiation.

NCHM stands behind the extraordinary quality of its TrustShield brand for a number of reasons:

Choose the Most Reliable Manufacturer When You Need Custom Lead Lined Doors

1 TrustShield is a durable, cost-effective lead lined system made with the finest craftsmanship.

2 We don’t compromise on any aspect, using only the best materials and avoiding the pitfalls of substandard resources: shorter life, impaired performance, and costly downtime.

3 TrustShield products are designed for maximum energy efficiency.

4 They are among the most reliable shielding products, confining radiation within the prescribed boundaries.

5 TrustShield standard and custom lead lined frames and doors are constructed using galvanneal or stainless steel, the latter being corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free.

6 Available in a variety of lining thicknesses, a continuous lead sheet (equal to the shielding thickness in adjacent walls) covers the full width and height of every component.

7 Top and bottom channels are welded into place for added strength and stability.

In our continual pursuit to offer the best in lead lined doors, NCHM has more than proven itself among lead lined frames manufacturers as well. Click here for more details on our lead lined products.

For radiation shielding you can trust without compromise, give us a call today at 1-800-334-3070, or contact us here for more information.