What's The Value in Stainless Steel?

Q: What are some of the less obvious or unknown reasons stainless steel may be the better option over hollow metal?

A: With cosmetic appearance, corrosion resistant & bacteria prevention being such key factors in the stainless market, DefendDoor stainless steel has made new investments that have expanded our capabilities other manufacturers simply cannot match. This guarantees your DefendDoor stainless steel door and frame products will outclass and outperform the rest of your competition. See some of our examples below as to why choosing stainless may be the best option for you.

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When We say the Difference is Quality, That’s More Than Just a Sign on the Wall

When it comes to your construction clients, you know that they need quality building materials delivered to the job site when they are needed. Coming up short creates delays for the contractors and headaches for you. But your clients also need quality components that fit like they should, and are built to last. As the distributor, you know your clients.

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