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NCHM Manufactures Box Doors Built to Your Exact Specifications!

A sterile work environment is crucial in many industries, including healthcare, medical research, and food packaging and preparation. You never know when a facility will be subjected to a random inspection, and you must always meet rigorous cleanliness standards. National Custom Hollow Metal offers custom-built box doors to help you maintain facilities that are easy to keep immaculately clean, and we can give you a free quote for box doors in two hours or less!

Kerf frames are your best defense against rising energy costs!

Utility companies operate as legal monopolies and routinely subject their customers to rate hikes. Business owners are already under pressure to run profitable operations, and their customers suffer each time they’re forced to pay higher prices to pay for the additional overhead. The only surefire way to lower your energy costs is to reduce your consumption, and National Custom Hollow Metal offers custom-built two-part kerf frames that can help you lower your energy costs.

Custom-Built STC Doors Are a Great Defense Against Noise Pollution!

The world we live in can be very noisy! People who live and work in the modern urban environment are routinely exposed to noise from automobiles, trains, and aircraft, not to mention the noise generated from an office full of people using telephones, computers, and copiers. And you can often count on the sound of lawnmowers and construction equipment cranking up as you’re beginning an important meeting or a project requiring plenty of concentration. The good news is that National Custom Hollow Metal offers custom-built Sound Transmission Control (STC) doors, and we can give you a free quote in two hours or less!

Ballistic doors offer maximum protection for your school or business

America continues to be plagued with gun violence, and there seems to be no end in sight. Armed individuals continue planning and committing violent ambushes targeting schools, churches, businesses, and government offices, and the only thing the victims have in common is that they were attacked with virtually no advance warning. The average 911 response time is up to ten minutes in most cities, which can be frightening for school leaders and business owners who are obligated to protect their students, employees, and customers. The good news is that National Custom Hollow Metal offers custom-built Safe Shot Level 3 Ballistic Doors and Frames, which can stop a .44 magnum round!