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3 great benefits of custom-built STC Doors

The world has become a much noisier place, and we’re surrounded by distractions. The average city-dweller is pretty good at filtering out unimportant sounds over the course of a typical day, but most of us need peace and quiet as we rest and as we work. There’s nothing wrong with using a little background music to create some ambient sound, but there’s no volume knob or off switch for traffic noise and the sounds of lawnmowers outside. Fortunately, our team at National Custom Hollow Metal is here to help! We can build Sound Transmission Control (STC) doors to your exact specifications and ship them on your schedule.

NCHM builds ballistic doors to your exact specifications!

Despite our efforts to prevent it, the specter of gun violence continues to haunt businesses, schools, and government offices throughout the USA. Many incidents involve a disgruntled employee seeking revenge against a supervisor or other employees, but many of the attacks take place at locations that attackers seemingly choose at random. The only thing that all of these incidents seem to have in common is that they involve highly motivated individuals planning quick and violent ambushes that often claim dozens of victims in a matter of minutes (or even seconds).

TrustShield Doors and Frames Keep Your Healthcare Workers Safe!

Nuclear diagnostic devices such as X-Rays, CT Scans, and MRIs have revolutionized medicine, and they give doctors the ability to examine their patients thoroughly. X-rays are a very routine procedure used on a daily basis, and MRIs provide a wealth of information without requiring doctors to anesthetize their patients or subject them to unnecessary surgical procedures. Prolonged radiation exposure is harmful to humans, but short-term exposure is justified if it leads to successful treatment outcomes. The technicians who perform the procedures are around radiation every day, and it’s important that they’re shielded from harmful gamma rays when they do their jobs.

NCHM Offers Box Doors Custom-Built to Your Specifications!

Businesses worldwide have been subjected to increased cleanliness standards over the past few years in response to a global health crisis. But for many businesses, it’s a standard operating procedure to insist on immaculately clean working conditions at all times. Restaurants must meet strict standards for cleanliness in their kitchens and dining rooms, and healthcare facilities can be some of the world’s most germ and microbe-rich places. With so many bacteria and microorganisms circulating throughout the air, it’s essential to keep all surfaces clean and be proactive when maintaining sanitary or sterile conditions in your workplace.