National Custom Hollow Metal

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Staying abreast of key trends and making face-to-face connections is vital in any industry. With four decades in the business, National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (NCHM) understands this, and will be attending the Door and Hardware Institute’s (DHI) convention again this year.

“We get direct feedback from our industry partners and current and potential customers on what market demands need to be met and what pain points exist in the industry that we should try to limit or eliminate,” Vice President Shea Mathews said. “This direct feedback allows us to act quickly on the information because it is provided firsthand.”

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As a leading steel door manufacturer for four decades, family-owned National Custom Hollow Metal Doors & Frames (NCHM) prides itself in producing superior products and delivering outstanding service.

We manufacture stainless steel, galvanneal, and lead lined doors (and frames) available in internally reinforced with Polystyrene, Honeycomb and steel stiffened models.

In addition to our higher level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, we specialize in industry-leading turnaround times for custom orders. Our DEFENDDOOR brand of stainless steel doors allows us to deliver our clients tailored solutions.

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