National Custom Hollow Metal

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Today’s urban environment can be a virtual cacophony of sounds including traffic noise, nearby trains, and aircraft lying ahead. If you have work to get done or if you’re holding an important meeting, it’s a safe bet that the grounds crew at your office building will choose that exact time to spend several hours mowing the lawn and running gas-powered leaf blowers and weed eaters directly outside your window. And let’s not forget how noisy a crowded office building can get from people talking on the phone and holding conversations in the hallways.

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Shea Mathews

The Board of Directors of National Custom Hollow Metal (NCHM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Shea Mathews as CO-PRESIDENT. Shea started his career in 2007 as Vice President at NCHM coincident with the Mathews Family purchase of 100% of the stock in the company. Shea also served for several years as President of a sister company Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas returning to NCHM and serving as Vice President Human Resources and Administration for the last 3 years. This promotion to CO-PRESIDENT is in recognition of Shea’s continued growth in the business and is timed with the similar announcement of Evan Mathews as CO-PRESIDENT as well as the announced retirement of current President; Chris Mathews, effective September 1, 2021.

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