National Custom Hollow Metal

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The world has become a much noisier place, and we frequently encounter decibel levels of up to 70 dB each time we step outside on an average day. Today’s city dwellers have grown so accustomed to ambient noise they can tune out just about anything except the conversation they’re having with the people around them, but even the most focused professionals will tell you that they still need plenty of quiet time to think and work without distractions. Fortunately, our team at National Custom Hollow Metal can manufacture Sound Transmission Control (STC) doors and ship them anywhere in the USA on your schedule.

Motorcycles, trains, and aircraft are often louder than 100 dB, and even brief exposure to sound over 85 dB puts you at risk of permanent hearing loss. STC doors feature advanced noise suppression capabilities and are rated on a range from 20 to 60; A door with an STC rating of 20 can significantly reduce overall workplace noise, and an STC rating of 50 or higher can render human voices on the other side of the door virtually inaudible. Our doors have an STC rating of 51, and they can be custom-built in any size up to 4’ x 8 as a complete installation-ready single or pair assembly.

Silence is golden, and STC doors are a must for recording studios, music rehearsal halls, and auditoriums located in noisy environments! Your performers or guest speakers won’t be interrupted by outside noise, and the audience will be able to enjoy the performance without any interruptions. They’re also ideal for boardrooms and other professional settings where you’d like to keep confidential conversations and meetings private. STC doors are also as attractive as they are durable and maintenance-free.

We have over four decades of experience manufacturing custom-built stainless steel doors and frames, and The Difference is Quality at NCHM! We offer Quik Ship service with a standard lead time of three weeks and expedited shipping options for distributors with rapidly-approaching deadlines. Contact us online for an estimate or dial 800-334-3070. Email us at [email protected].