National Custom Hollow Metal

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Whether you spend your days in a large office in a major city center or someplace more suburban, you’re subjected to a cacophony of loud sounds everywhere you go. Most of us are accustomed to routine noises and learn to tune them out, and we wear hearing protection while using power tools or operating heavy equipment. But we don’t always realize just how much of an auditory onslaught we face each day, and it’s time to level the playing field! National Custom Hollow Metal is proud to offer custom-built Sound Transmission Control (STC) doors, and we can ship them on your schedule!

STC doors feature a proprietary acoustic core with advanced noise suppression technology and offer superior noise reduction capabilities. STC ratings range from 20 to 60 and measure a door’s noise suppression capabilities. For example, A door with an STC rating of 20 can significantly reduce overall workplace noise, but you’ll still be able to hear muffled conversations. We manufacture doors with an STC rating of 51 in any size up to 4’ x 8’, and they have the ability to make human voices virtually inaudible.

STC doors are ideal for recording studios and music rehearsal halls and an excellent option for stage and auditorium doors. You never realize how noisy our world is until you schedule an important concert or business meeting, and STC doors are your insurance policy against outside noise. Your speakers or performers won’t be forced to compete for their audiences’ attention with leaf blowers, lawnmowers, or approaching aircraft. They’re also ideal for meeting rooms and boardrooms in business offices. Meeting participants won’t struggle to hear each other during discussions, and confidential information can be discussed freely without worrying about eavesdroppers standing just outside the door!

NCHM has over five decades of experience manufacturing custom-built stainless steel doors and frames, and we’re ready to give you a quote for our American-made STC doors. Our STC doors can be configured as single or pair entry as a complete installation-ready assembly, and all NCHM orders include Quik Ship service. We also offer expedited shipping options for distributors with rapidly approaching deadlines!

If you have any questions or would like to receive a quote on STC doors in two hours or less, contact us online or at 800-334-3070. Email us at [email protected].