National Custom Hollow Metal

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Rising energy costs are a constant concern for property owners, and they increase proportionally to the size of your property. National Custom Hollow Metal has been building premium quality stainless steel doors and frames to order for over four decades, and we now offer Therma Hold Doors And Frames to help you “hold the line” on your exterior masonry openings. We can offer you a quote on doors and frames in two hours or less, and we can ship them on your schedule.

Our thermal break frames are specified for many different varieties of commercial buildings, and they’re an effective way to prevent cold transfer from the outside to the inside. Therma Hold doors and frames are available in your choice of a 3-sided door frame or 4-sided single lite window frame with a 3’0” x 7’0” single frame or 7’0” x 7’0” standard – standard pair frame configuration. You also have multiple available frame profiles to further customize your doors. Therma Hold Frames are suitable for all types of wall construction, and they’ll help you prevent the spread of condensation and frost. They’re also corrosion-resistant and practically maintenance-free.

Therma Hold doors and frames have a 2-part frame applied to our thermal gasketing that’s secured every 12” with #8 sheet metal screws. This two-part construction separates both sides of the frame jamb and header along the stop, and the barrier prevents temperature transfer from outside to inside. We also recommend NGP thermal thresholds, seals, and sweeps to ensure a tight seal around the thermal brake. The thermal brake frame and the Therma Hold door core will decrease the U value for the enclosure and help you lower your annual energy costs.

When you order Therma Hold doors and frames, your doors will be custom-built to your specifications and subjected to a multi-point inspection before shipping. All NCHM orders include Quik Ship delivery at no additional charge, and we offer expedited shipping for our distributors who need to ensure on-time delivery.

Contact us online or at 800-334-3070 for a quote. Email us at [email protected].