National Custom Hollow Metal

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Many experts have said that the Covid pandemic has virtually killed brick and mortar retail operations, and that thousands of boutique stores around the world are mere months away from closing their doors for good. But we have seen a lot of signs that business is picking up, and we’re all beginning to adjust to the new normal. But if a business is still operating in a conventional shopping center, it is absolutely crucial that it be able to use every square foot of available space during business hours.

National Custom Hollow Metal has been the USA’s top manufacturer of custom built stainless steel doors and frames for over four decades, and every product that we sell is built to order. Contact us today for more information about our pocket door products if you’re interested in an attractive and useful way to better define your business’ footprint in a mall or shopping center. Pocket doors open and close along a horizontal track and tuck away out of sight in a recessed “pocket” built into the wall.They can be configured to operate as either single or double doors, and you don’t have to worry about clearance for opening and closing like standard hinged doors. They also provide a great way to subdivide a multiple use facility or event center, or close off overflow seating areas at a restaurant during off-peak hours.

Like all of our products, we offer Quik Ship service on pocket doors, and expedited shipping options on all orders. We will analyze your floor plan and present you with your options, and once you make your decisions, we’ll get right to work. We don’t start building your doors and frames until you know exactly what you want, and they will be as attractive as they are durable.

All of our doors and frames are corrosion resistant, and practically maintenance free. They are also all backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! At NCHM, the Difference is Quality, and we’re standing by any time you have questions!

If you have any questions, or would like a quote, Contact us online , or at 800-334-3070.


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