National Custom Hollow Metal

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At NCHM, every door and frame is custom built to your exact specifications!

When your customers need custom steel doors manufactured in non-standard sizes for their building projects, do you immediately start trying to factor in delays in manufacturing and in shipping? Do you cringe at the possibility of rejected components caused by manufacturers that geared toward mass production of standard sized doors?

If so, you must not be ordering your custom metal frames and doors from National Custom Hollow Metal! At NCHM, we build top quality hollow metal doors of galvanneal and stainless steel that are without equal in terms of strength and durability. Plus, we’re the only custom door manufacturer that has the DefendDoor™ and TrustShield™ product lines available.

Of course, we offer all of our doors and door frames in industry standard sizes, but when you need hollow metal doors in non-standard sizes and don’t have a lot of time to wait, NCHM is definitely who you need to call. And we won’t keep you waiting around for weeks on end for your order. We know that in the building trade, time is money, and at NCHM, fast is standard (you can learn more about our standard and expedited lead times at this link).

Our DefendDoor™ line of stainless steel doors is available in standard sizes as well as custom sizes up to 4’10¼” width and 12’0″ height. Our TrustShield™ product line of lead-lined doors can be built at 4′10 ½ “ x 12’0″ height with 1/16th″ lead lining and 4’10 ½ ″ x 8’0″ with 1/8″ lead lining. These doors require hardware specifically designed and manufactured for this application due to weight. We offer UL and Warnock-Hersey fire labeling in intervals of 20, 45, 60, 90, and 180 minutes (More detailed specs may be found at this link.)

When you need doors that are stronger, more durable, built to more exacting specifications (standard or non-standard), and you need them shipped faster, there’s no other door manufacturer that can offer what NCHM provides. Call us today at (800) 334-3070 or contact us online at this link for a no-cost, no-obligation quote.


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