National Custom Hollow Metal

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Sometimes, an inevitable part of supplying building contractors is “THE CALL”. You know the one. Something wasn’t ordered, or the wrong measurements were spec’d, or something isn’t right and whatever it is, time is short.

No matter the issue, National Custom Hollow Metal can put your mind at ease over the doors needed to complete the project. Because NCHM not only builds the highest quality hollow metal doors and frames available, we can have your custom steel door order ready and on its way before many manufacturers can even get it started, much less finished.

At NCHM, process improvement is a constant focus as we research how to build our product lines faster, stronger, and more durable. When you choose DefendDoor stainless steel doors, TrustShield lead-lined doors, our DP or DS series Galvanneal steel doors, or any of our door frames in stainless steel, Galvanneal, lead-lined, and even our new pocket frames and arched frames, you not only choose the best in quality, you benefit from years of forward-thinking engineering that goes into all of our products.

It’s that engineering that allows us to have the shortest lead times in the industry, which saves you time, money, and valuable warehouse space. When you contact us with your order, depending upon the timeframe you request, we assign it one of three priority statuses; Quik Ship, Hot Rush, or Walk Thru.

Quik Ship is our standard service, and will have your order completed and on its way in 10 Working days or less (depending on product and quantity), and at no additional charge. Like we said, it’s standard.

If you’re in a hurry, ask for Hot Rush service, which for most orders will have your product finished and shipped in five working days or less. Now, that’s fast.

But what if you need your order so screaming fast that yesterday is too late? Nobody can get it there yesterday but NCHM can have your order ready in one working day if you request our exclusive Walk Thru service. When it’s that important, we’ll drop everything and go nonstop to walk your order through from start to finish. Every single one built to the same exacting standards that have made NCHM the number one name in custom hollow metal doors.

When you need quality and you need it now, call NCHM at 800-334-3070 or contact us online at this link, tell us what you need and how quickly you need it. Then relax. We’ll take it from there.