National Custom Hollow Metal

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We’ve all been there. Losing sleep and tearing out our hair over a delivery that’s late and is threatening our own timetable. In construction, that can cost your contractors big money.

At National Custom Hollow Metal, we not only manufacture some of the finest metal, stainless steel, and lead-lined doors available, we continually seek out ways to streamline our manufacturing process to make sure your doors don’t keep you up nights wondering when they’ll arrive. That’s because when you order, we don’t tell you when you’ll get them, you tell us when you need them.

At that point, we give you a completion date and even better, we stick to it.

Need your order of stainless steel DefendDoor doors and frames a month out? Just order them and relax. QuikShip is standard when you order and we’ll have your doors ready in four weeks or less and frames in two weeks or less. TrustShield lead-lined doors can be ready in as little as 15 days, and Galvanneal doors and welded frames can be ready in 10 days.

For those orders that won’t wait, request NCHM’s Hot Rush service will have your TrustShield door and frame order ready in just three days. DefendDoor frames also have a three day turnaround and the doors themselves can be ready in just five working days.

Now, sometimes you’ve got someone waiting with a job so hot it burns your fingers and they need doors yesterday. While we can’t time travel to fill an order, you can ask for our WalkThru service this afternoon and we’ll have your order ready by tomorrow afternoon. For door manufacturing, that practically is time travel, not to mention the shortest lead time in the industry.
And no matter how quickly you need your order; all NCHM doors are built to the most rigid specifications for quality and durability.

When you need the best, whether it’s right now or four weeks from now, the only call you need to make is to NCHM at 800-334-3070 (or, if you prefer, contact us online here). Then relax. We’ve got this.