National Custom Hollow Metal

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Medical professionals working in nuclear medicine spend hours each day working around radiations levels that, over time, can cause serious complications if they aren’t adequately protected. That’s why, when only the best will do, TrustShield from National Custom Hollow Metal is the name to turn to.

TrustShield lead-lined doors and frames come in both Galvanneal and stainless steel, constructed with a continuous lead sheet lining the entire height and width of the component. We drill and tap the top and middle pivots at the factory for precise alignment and insulate the cavity with high-density polystyrene. Steel stiffeners may also be installed for added rigidity.

By weight, lead is the most efficient material to absorb and neutralize dangerous gamma and x-ray radiation, and TrustShield doors and frames are lined with a continuous lead sheet on the interior of the door and doorframe. Larger doors are reinforced around the perimeter and outfitted with hardware specific to larger applications.

As with all of the door and frame products manufactured by NCHM, TrustShield doors and frames are built to the highest quality standards for durability. Properly installed, TrustShield doors and frames made with lead sheeting the same as adjacent walls will provide years of service keeping dangerous radiation inside its containment area.

We don’t keep you waiting, either. Our normal turnaround for TrustShield doors and frames will have most orders on their way within 15 days, among the shortest lead times in the industry. And if you need the order in a hurry, you can request Hot Rush service, and your doors will be on the way within three days.

For hot projects that can’t wait even that long, you can request Walk Thru to receive one day service. That’s right. If you need it yesterday, well, no one can do that, but NCHM is the only one who can have headed your way tomorrow.

But no matter how quickly you need it, you get the same top quality and durability built in, because that’s the only way we do it. And when the application calls for radiation containment, TrustShield doors and doorframes are the ones people trust. So call NCHM today at 800-334-3070 or click here to contact us online.

At NCHM the difference is quality.