National Custom Hollow Metal

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There’s an old song that says “everything old is new again,” and nowhere is that more true than in the construction industry. Once mainstays of architecture, arched and pocket doors did a big disappearing act in the early part of the 20th Century, but have been staging a comeback in recent years for reasons both practical and aesthetic.

Pocket doors are simply doors that open and close along a horizontal track and, when opened, tuck away out of sight in a recessed “pocket” built into the wall. Configured to operate as either single or double doors, pocket doors allow for additional floor space near the doorway, since the doors require no interior room space for accommodation like hinged doors must have.

At National Custom Hollow Metal, we’re proud to offer practical and functional pocket and arched doors and doorframes to our offerings. By taking advantage of our spacious manufacturing facility, skilled engineering and manufacturing staff, we continually refine our manufacturing processes to design and build custom doors and custom door frames in the shortest amount of time possible. And what you get is the durability of steel combined with the practicality of function pocket doors provide.

These doors and frames do a lot more than just look great. They open up previously unusable floor space next doorways, close off space for certain uses, then open it back up again to accommodate larger groups when needed without the restrictions standard doorways present.

Whether opting for pocket doors or arched doors, to give your contractors the option of building spaces that combine eye appeal with practicality, the choice is clear. Call NCHM and you’ll get the durability, quality, and fast service you’ve come to expect along with bold styling that’s sure to please.

Call NCHM today at 1-800-334-3070 or contact us online for more information.