National Custom Hollow Metal

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We know how it is sometimes. For whatever reason, you’ve got a contractor sitting on the jobsite with a crisis declaring an emergency on your end to get the materials there yesterday. Never mind why the materials aren’t there.

When deadlines are looming and fraying nerves ready to snap, reasons for the problem don’t matter, but you can rest assured it will be at the absolute worst possible time.

Whether your doors are lost in cyberspace or the Grand Tetons, National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames can help, with service so fast you’ll think you dialed 911. Because at NCHM, we don’t just build the best custom metal doors available, we build them fast, we build them right, and we build them centrally located in the USA.

For custom or standard sizes, hollow metal frames, doors, or both, our lead times are the shortest in the industry, meaning we’ll have your order delivered in days instead of the weeks or months required by other manufacturers. And we don’t sacrifice quality, either. Our doors are the toughest available, with fire ratings up to 180 minutes.

Need it fast? Don’t do anything. Quik Ship service is standard, meaning your Galvanneal door order will be ready in as little as 10 working days, DefendDoor stainless steel doors within 4 weeks, and TrustShield lead-lined doors in 15 working days.

Need it faster? Request Hot Rush service and we’ll have your doors and frames to you in as little as two days for TrustShield or Galvanneal products and five days for DefendDoor products.

Need it now? Request Walk Thru service and we’ll have your order completed in as fast as one day. You read it right. One day.

When you need the highest quality hollow metal doors available, call NCHM. When you need the highest degree of customer service, call NCHM. When you need it yesterday, call NCHM.

When you need hollow metal, period, call NCHM at 800-334-3070 or contact us online. Your order will be ready shortly.