National Custom Hollow Metal

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If you’ve ever tried to put in a large order (or even a small one) for odd-sized doors and frames, only to be told they are only available in standard sizes, National Custom Hollow Metal (NCHM) knows your frustration, and we have a solution.

Call us first.

NCHM is the premier manufacturer of hollow metal doors and hollow metal door frames for a huge variety of applications. And we know that not every doorway is a standard 30, 32, or 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall.

We build standard sizes, and to exacting specifications, designed to be the strongest and most durable available, fire rated and even available with lead-lining for radiation protection. But if you need to fill a doorway that is, say, 5 feet wide by 12 feet tall, you can’t get that just anywhere. Because that’s not standard, it’s custom-built, and you need a custom metal door manufacturer.

Call us first.

Not only are we the metal door manufacturer that so specializes in custom orders that we put it in our name, but we can take your order and we’ll have it on the shop floor being set up by our team of highly trained craftsmen practically before you hang up the phone. And, if you need it fast, we’ll get it to you fast.

How fast? Two weeks is standard. Need it faster? Will next week do? Need it even faster than that? Can you be here tomorrow?

We have the shortest lead time requirements (how short? Click here) in the industry and all of our doors are built to the most rigid specifications (how rigid? Click here), designed for low maintenance, long life, and superior strength to handle anything nature (or human nature) can throw its way. Whether it measures 36×80 inches or 60×144 inches, it’s a door, and doors are what we build.

After all, we didn’t name the company National Standard Hollow Metal, and for a very good reason.

Call National Custom Hollow Metal at 800-334-3070 or contact us online and let us know what you need. For a fast quote you can download this door order form and/or this frame order form, fill them out with your specifications, tell us when you need it, and we’ll take it from there.