National Custom Hollow Metal

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With new construction projects, unexpected delays typically lead to cost overruns, and angry clients. Keeping your project on time and under budget is crucial, and you need to be sure to get the right equipment and materials to the site, and get them there when you need them.

At National Custom Hollow Metal, fast is standard, and deadlines are our specialty. Whether you are in the market for DEFENDDOOR stainless steel doors and frames, TrustShield lead-lined doors and frames, or A60 Galvaneal doors and frames, we’ve got you covered! We can manufacture your order to your specifications in various thicknesses, and in any size up to 5’X12’ for doors, and 10’x12’ for frames, and we can deliver them to you in days, not weeks. Here are our ordering options with standard turnaround times:


  • A60 Galvaneal-Frames in 5 working days, welded frames in 10 working days, and doors in 10 working days
  • DEFENDDOOR Stainless Steel-Frames in 2 weeks, doors in 4 weeks
  • TrustShield Lead-Lined-Frames in 10 working days, doors in 15 working days


  • A60 Galvaneal-Frames as short as 1 working day, and doors as short as 2 working days
  • DEFENDDOOR Stainless Steel-Frames in 3 working days, and doors in 5 working days
  • TrustShield Lead-Lined-Frames and doors in 3 working days


  • A60 Galvaneal-Frames and doors in as short as 1 working day
  • DEFENDDOOR Stainless Steel-Frames and doors in 1 working day
  • TrustShield lead-lined-Frames and doors in 1 working day

At NCHM, we custom manufacture every door and frame to customer specifications, and the only thing standard about us us our commitment to delivering quality products to our clients on their schedule. No matter what ordering option that you choose, you can expect the same quality craftsmanship and attention to detail with each order. Our doors and frames are attractive and durable, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

For more information, click here, or give us a call at (800) 334-3070, and let us know what we can build for you!