National Custom Hollow Metal

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In virtually any construction project, commercial or residential, it pays to consider stainless steel doors and frames for the performance stainless steel offers over other materials.

Here are five reasons to consider stainless steel doors and frames:

  1. Strength – When properly mated to its matching stainless steel door frame, SS doors are able to be fire or windstorm rated.
  2. Durability – SS doors typically last an average of 30 years with minimal maintenance and repair expenses, making them a far more cost effective choice than wood or fiberglass.
  3. Corrosion Resistance – SS is known for its corrosion resistant properties, SS doors and frames will stand up for decades in environments that would reduce a standard metal door to rust in a few years.
  4. Beauty – SS doors are available in a beautiful #4 finish to complement any structure in either 304 of 316 composition.
  5. Value – Impervious to rot and able to stand up to forces that would harm other materials, SS doors add lasting value.

When specifying doors for new construction, or as replacement doors, DefendDoor by National Custom Hollow Metal (NCHM) builds top quality SS doors and frames for almost any application. We build all standard sizes and will custom build to your specifications up to 12’ high and 5’ wide.

NCHM is family owned with all our products built in the USA, which gives us the ability to offer unparalleled customer service to go with our superior product line. Our standard Quik Ship service can have your order ready in as little as two to four weeks for stainless steel, depending on style and materials, or you can choose from optional Hot Rush or Walk Thru options if you need it even faster.

Call us at 800-334-3070 or contact us online and discover the difference a door can make.