National Custom Hollow Metal

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Discerning customers who want to create an elegant feel in a building may find what they need in an arched frame or a pocket door. NCHM you can offer your customers something that they may not have considered, you contribute in a meaningful way and may gain a dedicated customer. Pocket doors save valuable floor space where it is needed the most, and arched frames bring elegance into a building. At National Custom Hollow Metal, we are dedicated to providing construction alternatives that please customers.

The Ultimate in Custom Hollow Metal - Pocket Doors and Arched Frames

Creating an Artistic Doorway

Satisfying the demands of the Door Hardware Distributors throughout the United States of America, our family owned business has a long tradition of meeting emerging trends in the construction industry. To create custom arched frames, we developed a process that uses prime quality A60 Galvanneal steel in 12, 14, 14 or 18 gauges. Our facility responds to short lead times for orders by using effective processes that enhance the quality and capability of our products. Our arched frames include at least three anchors per jamb, and we provide the required floor and mullion anchors. Our expert welders make sure that all joints are ground smooth as well as securely joined.

Saving Space with a Pocket Door

Avoiding the need to allow a traditional door to open saves space that architects can put to better use. Wall space, as well as floor space, is an important consideration that can transform the appearance of a room. We use a design for our pocket door frames that is strong and easy to install. A office kitchen, tenant finish out space and other commercial rooms can seem much larger by using a space-saving door. We offer an option that has a pre-constructed pocket that allows installers to set it in place and avoid building a wood pocket.

Focusing on Quality

With four decades in the industry, we have refined our manufacturing process to use our large facility for producing the highest quality products in the shortest amount of time. Our estimating staff, with 60 years of combined industry experience, responds promptly to requests for quotes online or by phone at 1-800-334-3070.