National Custom Hollow Metal

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Properly rated fire doors and frames are a structure’s first line of defense against total destruction during a fire. As a distributor, you know that your customers sometimes need replacement doors and frames — and they need them yesterday.

With NCHM, you’re in luck. We focus on getting our distributors the products they need faster than any other door manufacturer in the industry.

Here are a couple of reasons our distributors choose NCHM:

Get Fire Rated Doors & Frames FAST

1 Our ability to manufacture custom doors and frames means that no order will go unfulfilled.

2 Our production team is the fastest in the industry. With ordering options like Hot Rush or Walk Thru, there is no faster way to get fire rated doors and frames.

3 We’ll get it right. Your order is critical to us. We take every step to ensure the products leaving our facility are always of high-quality, high-integrity, and that the order is correct.

4 Lastly, distributors want to deal with a reputable and recognized manufacturer whose fire doors and frames are produced to conform to labeling procedures

The doors and frames of National Custom Hollow Metal have been tested to give you the best door at limiting the danger and damage of fires. Refer to the fire labels for doors and frames here on our website.

Call 800-334-3070 or contact us online for fire rated doors and frames to keep your customers returning year after year.