National Custom Hollow Metal

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While most stainless steel doors and frames manufacturers recognize the ever-increasing demand for faster lead times, few have achieved this goal successfully. Often, quality control processes are sacrificed to save time, resulting in substandard products.

This strategy is self-defeating, as distributors could care less how quickly orders are delivered if products are unsatisfactory. On the other hand, a select few producers of hollow metal frames and doors have implemented advanced production cycle strategies that achieve both speed and quality.

Case in point, not only has National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (NCHM) realized industry-leading turnaround times, our distributors achieved many additional benefits from our efforts, which ultimately are passed on to customers.

One strategy that has received much industry attention is reducing inventory:

Our Distributors Depend on an Unmatched Combo: Fast Turnaround & Consistently High Quality

1 Outmoded practices like stockpiling raw materials, packing warehouse floors with ongoing projects, and filling warehouses with finished products just aren’t feasible in today’s market.

2 Excessive inventory causes erratic and longer lead times. It also raises costs and ties up too much cash for working capital.

3 Industry studies have shown high inventories often indicate other critical problems. This is true primarily because some of that money is better spent in other areas like customer development, marketing, re-engineering, expansion, and many others.

4 Having too much inventory is a common indicator of more deeply rooted problems. Inaccurate forecasting, subpar order and product specifications, poor scheduling, quality issues, and long cycle times – to name just a few – are typical examples.

5 Distributors must weed out the real culprits behind high inventories – inefficient business processes that cause them in the first place.

When you need hollow metal frames and doors, selecting a manufacturer that appreciates the importance of staying on schedule is crucial. You can rely on NCHM to come through consistently with on-time delivery when you order from us. And our advanced processes ensure the quality of our products is never sacrificed.

Frankly, you cannot afford to settle for less. If your stainless steel door manufacturer isn’t providing superior products with fast turnaround, call us at 1-800-334-3070, or contact NCHM online for more information.