National Custom Hollow Metal

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While National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (NCHM) specializes in fast turnaround times in addition to custom orders, our success has come from being able to achieve both speed and unbeatable quality.

We are extremely proud of our expert technicians’ ability to fulfill customer orders more quickly than just about any other manufacturer, and we value the importance of meeting deadlines. However, after four decades in the industry, our family-owned business also has learned speed means little when quality is sacrificed – something you’ll never have to worry about with NCHM’s products.

Our Manufacturing Process Makes the Quality Difference in NCHM Products

Here are just some of the reasons you know you’re getting the best quality (at reasonable prices) when you choose us:

1 Our products are expertly crafted to precise tolerances and exact specifications.

2 We specifically choose materials to guarantee outstanding durability, appearance, and ease of operation.

3 NCHM is proud to provide first-rate quality A60 galvanneal and stainless steel doors and frames, all of which adhere to current commercial, product, and federal standards.

4 From the materials we start with through the last step of production, we rigorously test and inspect all of our doors and frames to ensure structural integrity and exceptional performance.

5 We know you’ll be pleased with our custom metal doors and frames because our customers tell us frequently that they simply are better – stronger, more durable, and longer lasting, to be specific.

6 A large portion of our production blends precision tooling and handcrafted processes with hand-welded processes, resulting in industry-leading quality.

In addition to producing superior pre-engineered and custom metal doors, our commitment to being the most dependable hollow metal frames manufacturer as well is equally unwavering.

When you have a critical building project at stake, there’s no need to take a risk on a company you aren’t sure about in an effort to trim your budget or stay on schedule. As the industry’s most trusted wholesale custom steel doors and frames manufacturer, we leave nothing to chance by providing the highest quality, service, and value – every time.

Call NCHM today at 800-334-3070, or contact us here for more information.