National Custom Hollow Metal

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As a leading steel door manufacturer for four decades, family-owned National Custom Hollow Metal Doors & Frames (NCHM) prides itself in producing superior products and delivering outstanding service.

We manufacture stainless steel, galvanneal, and lead lined doors (and frames) available in internally reinforced with Polystyrene, Honeycomb and steel stiffened models.

In addition to our higher level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, we specialize in industry-leading turnaround times for custom orders. Our DEFENDDOOR brand of stainless steel doors allows us to deliver our clients tailored solutions.

NCHM staff hard at work grinding down welds for a smooth finished product!

We build relationships and gain a thorough understanding of projects before putting pen to paper. When turnaround, accuracy, cost, and quality are critical to your bottom line, you can rely on NCHM for all your custom-built and pre-engineered steel doors and frames.

1 Our stainless steel doors are offered in both standard and custom sizes up to 5’11” wide and 12 feet high. Fire rated doors are also available with honeycomb cores. We offer polystyrene and vertically stiffened cores, as well.

2 NCHM’s steel door frames and doors are used for a variety of applications, including heavy-duty industrial environments, hospitals, laboratories, restaurants, and storefronts. We expertly craft all doors and frames to precise tolerances and exact specifications. And we use only materials carefully selected to guarantee superior durability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of operation.

3 Security doors, used in a variety of settings, are another type of door for which steel is a perfectly suited material. NCHM products are commonly used in buildings that require a high level of security, such as school entrances, retail stores, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

4 The quality materials we use affords project designers more freedom in unusual construction settings. We can provide a custom solution where a standard-sized product would be unacceptable. NCHM’s proprietary construction techniques and capabilities offer architects and other design experts the ability to innovate and create virtually any solution.

Let NCHM build your custom doors and frames. Call us at 800-334-3070 to get started, or contact us here for more information.