National Custom Hollow Metal

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Regardless of what kind of building project you’re planning, National Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames is a trusted manufacturer when it comes to helping you meet all safety standards.

The design and construction of safe buildings continues to be the primary goal for owners, architects, engineers, project managers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders. This requires a proactive approach that anticipates – and then protects – occupants, resources, structures, and continuity of operations from multiple hazards.

Building quality doors, fast!

In addition to a number of other safety issues that go along with any construction project, protection against fire is one major aspect that must be considered.

1 For instance, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific design and construction requirements in place, particularly for building exits.

2 An exit must be separated by fire-resistant materials. Construction materials used to separate an exit from other parts of the building must have a one-hour fire resistance rating if the exit connects three or fewer stories and a two-hour rating if the exit connects four or more stories.

3 In addition to fire prevention plans, OSHA also requires emergency action plans in most cases that address other types of emergencies like natural disasters.

NCHM not only offers fire rated metal doors and frames, we also offer lead lined stainless steel doors and various other custom made doors to suit your project’s needs.

  • All of our galvanneal and stainless steel doors and frames are constructed to conform to meet rigid commercial, product, and federal quality specifications. Our custom-built steel doors, frames, and components are designed for industry-wide application and decades of constant use.
  • We work closely with the Door and Hardware Institute, the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers, Underwriters Laboratories, and Warnock Hersey to make sure we can meet any industry standard or labeling demand.
  • NCHM has certifications that allow labeling of fire rated doors and frames for three hours, one and a half hours, 45 minutes, and 20 minutes.

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