National Custom Hollow Metal

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Commercial and industrial environments are ripe with custom metal doors and frames, and each door has its own set of requirements, depending on location and purpose. Quality and durability are both requisite properties of all the doors in your building, but the height, width, number and location of hinges, hardware and lock preps, fire rating, etc. are just a few options that may vary. Here is our All Access Pass to the options for your custom metal doors and frames:


NCHM Staff Hard at Work!

Doors may be ordered from us with or without window cutouts and window kits. You may specify the height and width of the window, the position of the window, and designate the window kit’s glazing pocket width.


If ventilation or heat dissipation is a concern, select a louvered door. You may specify the height, width, and position of the louvered section.

Very Tall / Very Wide

Depending on your needs, NCHM custom metal doors can be paired up to 10′ wide and 12′ tall. Single doors may be specified up to 5′ wide and 12′ tall.

Fire Doors

We manufacture industrial steel doors that are trusted to perform in the harshest environments. NCHM has over 60 unique labels from fire rated to sever windstorm (Hurricane) certified by both Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Intertek Warnock Hersey (WH).

When you’re getting an estimate for doors for your office, factory, hospital, or building, you want to be able to buy from a single, reputable manufacturer that can quickly provide the highest quality doors.

National Custom Hollow Metal is registered and certified with the Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance.

Perhaps the only metal door vendor that doesn’t consider lead-lined or fire rated doors as “specialty products” is National Custom Hollow Metal. Contact us today for a free estimate or call 800-334-3070 and tell us more about your project. We look forward to hearing from you.