National Custom Hollow Metal

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When your builders review the specifications for a project, whether a new home, or a warehouse or office building, doors and frames are a bigger consideration than one might think at first glance. Not only do doors provide access from one area to another, as well as from outside to inside and vice-versa, they often need to fulfill an array of requirements.

They must be functional, of course, but also durable, secure, resistant to wear and corrosion, and through it all, stylish and attractive. In addition, many projects requires doors and frames to be built to non-standard sizes, to meet all of the requirements above, and to be ready to install yesterday if you can’t get them there sooner.

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When you need metal doors and frames for your building, there are plenty of options and considerations that you need to keep top of mind. We’ve been in the industry since 1974, and we know the top requirements on our clients’ minds when it comes to selecting a commercial door vendor. Here is our list of the top three concerns:

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