Why TrustShield is the One to Choose for Radiation Protection

Technological developments in modern medicine over the past century have been nothing short of miraculous. Because of advances in surgical procedures, trauma care, and general health maintenance, modern medicine is light years ahead of anything that we could have possibly imagined 100 years ago. Many of our greatest advances have been in diagnostic procedures utilizing X-Ray and Gamma ray imaging.

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What's The Value in Stainless Steel?

Q: What are some of the less obvious or unknown reasons stainless steel may be the better option over hollow metal?

A: With cosmetic appearance, corrosion resistant & bacteria prevention being such key factors in the stainless market, DefendDoor stainless steel has made new investments that have expanded our capabilities other manufacturers simply cannot match. This guarantees your DefendDoor stainless steel door and frame products will outclass and outperform the rest of your competition. See some of our examples below as to why choosing stainless may be the best option for you.

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